Schwalbe Marathon Supreme Tire 26" x 2.0

Schwalbe Marathon Supreme Tire 26" x 2.0

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It came from outer space.


An extremely densely woven fabric made from Vectran protects the new top of the line touring tire - Marathon Supreme. It's High Density Vectran Guard (HD-V) uses a patented weaving technology more puncture resistant than any other textile used in bicycle tire technology. The tire is nearly 50% lighter than any other touring tire and sets a new benchmark in terms of wet-grip adhesion.

"There's no second chance when landing on Mars" explained a company spokesman from Warwick Mills, USA, a leading supplier of hi-tech fabrics. The company developed an extremely tough Vectran fabric for the Mars lander on behalf of NASA. A similar Vectran textile is now used in Schwalbes' new tires.

"The newly developed HD-V Guard (High Density Vectran) is with regard to both puncture protection and weight - the key to a new dimension in the construction of high-quality bicycle tires", explained Holger Jahn, Bohles Technical Director. "At the moment no stronger fabric exists in bicycle tire technology." The Vectran fibers used in Warwick Mills fabric are twice as tear resistant as titanium and five times stronger than steel. Woven using a patented process the textile has a cut resistance three times higher than Aramid, which is used, among other things, in bicycle tires and bullet-proof vests.

Available in 26" x 2.0

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