Compare technology of electric bike systems found on major bike brands.


Drive Unit Performance


The Performance Line is designed for athletic and powerful riding and does justice to its name. Its dynamic drive impresses with high-performance support on any terrain: from flat to steep, from asphalt to trail. The Drive Unit invariably masters every style of riding.

 The difference is the technology behind the design of the components. The drive system convinces with powerful electronics and a low-vibration motor as well as low volume and weight. The optimized 3-sensor concept measures 1000 times per second with maximum precision for optimal power tuning and a new, unique riding experience. The optimal balance of performance and range is also a matter of pure enjoyment.


PowerPack 300 & 400


Reliable, durable energy storage without memory effect and self-discharge – that defines the rechargeable batteries PowerPack 300 and PowerPack 400 The Battery Management System (abbreviated to BMS) protects the batteries against overload, undervoltage, and overheating. High-quality Single-Cell Monitoring (SCM) measures the voltage of each individual cell.

 PowerPack 300 and PowerPack 400 are lithium-ion batteries with 300 Wh and 400 Wh, respectively. They are available in each case as rack or frame batteries. The latter sits very close to the center of gravity, which has advantages in maneuverability. The battery is mounted on the rack on bikes with low entry. No matter where they are attached – removal and charging of the batteries at the next outlet is simple.


Lowest weight in its class

Charging time:

Fastest charging of all eBike batteries


Simple handling thanks to handle and mount

Service life:

Battery Management System and individual cell monitoring for a long battery life

 Ergonomic design – perfect handling:

Thanks to the handle and mount, the batteries can be easily inserted and removed again. The only thing easier is charging the PowerPacks directly on the pedelec.

Easy to store and charge – anytime and anywhere:

Lithium-ion batteries have neither memory nor self-discharge effects. This means the PowerPacks can also be partially recharged at any time – without affecting the service life.

In anthracite-colored and platinum-colored design in accordance with the Performance and Active Line, the on-board computer Intuvia Active presents itself as the control center of the eBike. It features simple, intuitive, and safe operation on the separate control unit.

Switching between the five riding modes plus walk assistance and calling up information such as speed, charging state, distance, and much more could not be easier. Even when removed from the eBike, Intuvia remains a useful information tool that makes it possible for you to retrieve all your tour data. The new shift recommendation shows an arrow to indicate the optimum moment for shifting gears. In this way you conserve both your own energy as well as battery power.

A USB port also allows you to charge external hardware such as smartphones and MP3 players. With Intuvia Active, high-precision distance measurements are now possible even after a wheel change. The eBiker himself can make fine adjustments to the wheel circumference at the touch of a button.

The five available riding modes – Turbo, Sport, Tour, Eco, and Off – can be easily and conveniently selected via the separate control unit without it being necessary to take one’s hands off the handlebar. Bosch offers the right riding mode for every riding style and every eBiker.

Riding modes

The Bosch eBike System provides five different riding modes to choose from. The right one for every eBike rider and every riding style.

Riding mode  
Turbo Direct, powerful support up to maximum cadence for ambitious and athletic riding
Sport Immediate, powerful support for athletic riding off road and in city traffic
Tour Steady support for long tours
Eco Effective support at maximum efficiency for maximum range
Off No support, all cycle computer functions are available

How fast do I ride? How far can I still go? And wasn’t this hill steeper before – or is that due to the selected support recommendation? With a glance at the operating computer Intuvia on the handlebar, these questions can be answered for the eBiker faster than they come up. The five available riding modes – Turbo, Sport, Tour, Eco, and Off – can be easily and conveniently selected via the separate control unit depending on trip distance and the rider’s wishes, and even without it being necessary to take one’s hands off the handlebar.

The new shift recommendation shows an arrow to indicate the optimum moment for shifting gears. In this way you conserve both your own energy as well as battery power. The integrated walk assistance can also be controlled using Intuvia. When it’s time for a break, you simply remove the operating computer to read the tour data at your leisure. And because Intuvia even has a USB port, you can use the modern eBike operating computer to charge your mobile phone or MP3 player even while you are on the go.




A system with components that cater to everybody’s needs and delivers ultimate performance and reliability. That’s the heart of the matter. With SHIMANO STEPS you’ll push boundaries and feel energized while doing it.


The heart of the matter – a lightweight, compact smooth and silent drive unit

  • Weights just 3.2 kg – one of the lightest units on the market
  • Intelligent power assistance gives an easy, natural feeling
  • Walk Assist Mode for extra support while walking next to the bike
  • With Start Mode (Di2 only), your e-bike automatically shifts down to a lower gear as you stop, ready for an easy start


High-quality, long-lasting lithium-ion battery pack

  • Available for rear carrier (2,550 g) or down tube mounting (2,660 g)
  • High 418 Wh capacity (36V, 11.6 Ah)
  • 1,000 charge cycles with no significant power loss
  • New charger (EC-E6000) offers reduce in charging time – 80% in 2 hours, 100% and 4 hours


Compact designed cycling computer

  • New cycling computer with easy-to-read high-contrast display
  • Standard bike computer functions
  • Gear / range / battery indication
  • Multiple mounting options
  • Power and light on/off
  • Compatible with current bracket






  • 350W Currie Electro-Drive® Centerdrive System

Power and torque combined.  Smooth and quiet sensor technology.  Ideal for all riding conditions including challenging offroad terrain.


48V 8.7ah Lithium Ion Power Pack

1000+ Cycles Battery Life Expectancy

Easy Removal, Lockable.

4-6 Hour Recharge Time.


LCD Display Unit

4 Power Levels

Battery Charge Indicator

0 Mode for Unassisted Riding

Distance, Speed, Trip, Miles, Range, Power Level, Backlight

2016 Models Feature Optional "Boost" button to accelerate with or without pedaling






Compact, lightweight, silent and powerful.  Thanks to the zero cadence support, the motor assists the rider from the very first pedal stroke.  Combined with an impressive maximum torque of 80Nm, the system creates an unbeleivably powerful and dynamic experience.The Yamaha drive unit is one of the very few central motors that can be equipped with a double chainring, improving uphill performance.  It's compact size and low noise generation make it an ideal choice for high performance eBikes.


Lightweight and slim Lithium Ion Battery pack.  At only 2.9kg, it boasts a capacity of 400Wh.  It can be charged while mounted, locked and detached.  Side-release battery design allows for mounting in tight spaces.


The Yamaha system's detachable head unit is controlled via a seperate remote control on the handlebar.  Functionalities include Power On/Off and the 5 riding modes (OFF, ECO, ECO+, STD, & HIGH).  The unit can display the following parameters: trip distance, total distance, current time, trip time, maximum speed, average speed, current speed, charge level, range, cadence and current assist level.




 High Quality, High Capacity Battery Systems.



The robust, sensorless 500-Watt BPM motor has a new winding pattern. Higher average speeds can be achieved while it is now easier to pedal with the motor to extend the battery range. An improved fork with 6 mm dropouts contain the motor’s torque. A new rim and spoke pattern improve the wheel’s durability.